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Pilates Studio Rates - Reform Wellness


Enroll in our membership program to avail yourself of exclusive advantages, featuring a noteworthy 20% discount on all merchandise and the option to acquire additional sessions for a nominal fee of $20 per session. Opting for a membership not only ensures financial prudence but also establishes consistency in your Pilates routine, affording you the opportunity to maintain a steadfast commitment to your holistic well-being. Embrace the benefits of a dedicated Pilates journey at a cost-effective rate by joining our membership today.

Reformer Pilates Class

Essential Wellness - $99
(4 Sessions Per Month)

Unlock a healthier you with our Essential Wellness Membership, providing four Pilates sessions monthly. One additional session per month can be purchased at a discounted rate of $20. Enjoy consistent fitness benefits and holistic well-being. Join now for a balanced and vibrant lifestyle.

Reformer Pilates Class

Premium Transformation - $179
(8 Sessions Per Month)

Experience a total fitness transformation with our Premium Membership, featuring eight Pilates sessions per month. Two additional sessions per month can be purchased at $20 per session. Accelerate your progress and achieve comprehensive results. Join now for a premium approach to wellness.

Reformer Pilates Class

Ultimate Wellbeing - $229
(12 Sessions Per Month)

Unleash ultimate well-being with our membership offering 12 Pilates sessions monthly. Three additional sessions can be purchased per month at $20 per session. Optimize your progress and experience complete fitness and vitality. Join now for the ultimate well-being journey.

*Cancellation within 24 hours or no-shows will result in the deduction of the scheduled session from the membership. Unused sessions do not carry over to the following month. Please be aware of these terms before scheduling your sessions.

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Flexibility You Will Love

Experience the freedom of fitness with our Reformer Package Pricing. By choosing any of our packages, you unlock a world of benefits tailored to your well-being:


Enjoy the liberty of using your sessions whenever you need them. Our packages offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to seamlessly integrate fitness into your schedule, ensuring your well-being remains a top priority.


FlexFit Experience: $25/each
(3 or more group classes)

Embark on the FlexFit Experience, where flexibility meets affordability. Attend three or more group classes at just $25 each, allowing you to tailor your fitness routine to your schedule and budget. Elevate your wellness journey with the flexibility of the FlexFit Experience.



Dynamic 10-Pack: $235

Step into the Dynamic 10-Pack, a comprehensive group class package designed to fuel your fitness journey. With 10 invigorating sessions, this package offers the perfect balance of flexibility and commitment, providing you the opportunity to refine your strength and flexibility in a group setting.

Ultimate 25-Pack: $570

Unleash the Ultimate 25-Pack, a robust group class package for those committed to long-term fitness excellence. With 25 dynamic sessions, this package ensures ample opportunities for progress and transformation. Elevate your Reformer Pilates experience with the Ultimate 25-Pack and embrace the path to ultimate well-being.

Tailored Reformer Experiences

  • Group Class - $28/person: Experience the synergy of shared fitness goals in a dynamic and motivating environment.

  • Duet - $35/person: Enjoy personalized attention and support in a semi-private setting.

  • Trio - $30/person: Experience the camaraderie of a small group while benefiting from tailored instruction.

  • Private Session - $65: Tailored entirely to your needs, this one-on-one session provides focused attention and customized guidance.

Choose the Reformer Pricing option that suits your preferences and dive into a transformative Pilates experience tailored just for you.

Pilates Instructor

Start Today!

Secure your fitness journey now by reserving your package today. Choose the plan that aligns with your goals and preferences, ensuring a seamless and flexible path to well-being. Book now and take the first step toward a healthier, more vibrant you.

*Starting with an intro class or private session is required.

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